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I am passionate about recycling, making use of found objects in my work, creating beauty from discarded items, giving a new life to redundant treasures and making use of modern everyday materials.   

Layers of plastic (sheets, bags, bubblewrap) creates the layering within the inner cavity of the excavated breast in Cancer 2. A naturally eroded wool layer eloquently expresses the fragility of living in the aftermath, with anxiety and panic attacks a daily regime.

The metal underwire from a bra represents the breast in Cancer 1.

A series of coat pockets expresses beautifully the deep folds and crevasses of the vagina in Fur Pocket, Rainbow and 16 Pockets.

The lacy tops from silk stockings form a very convincing body part in Anal and V and A.

I used my own hair (which I collected during chemotherapy) to line the 3D vagina in V and A.

An old rubber water carrier from childhood camping trips provided a non-sexual teenage vagina at the onset of the menstrual cycle in Menstruation.

Metallic scouring pads offer up an unapologetic, abrasive pubic bush, fitting for the context of promiscuity in Gang Bang.

Plastic mesh from fruit serves as a layering in Womb.

My textiles are created from recycled materials (clothes and soft furnishings) and highly embellished in light reflective beads, sequins and old jewels collected from charity shops, car booties, market stalls, Freecycle (online) and very kindly donated from friends and family. We live in a throw-away society which cannot continue indefinitely. This provides me with a wide source of valuable materials.

Discovering vintage fabric gets me very excited! I love pattern and colour. Naturally eroded (threadbare) fabric offers emotional content. Velvets and tapestries offer depth and good quality. Traditional themed textiles (Grace, 3 Ages of Woman and Reducing Us to a Heartbeat) could not have been possible without my vintage stash.

I continue to collect and store my hoard in plastic boxes in the loft. I could not create my work without it. I have never bought new fabric and never will! It is my 'make do and mend' attitude of a Northern upbringing.

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